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ACTION ALERT: Tell Seattle City Council you support a stand alone Sweetened Beverage Tax fund!

Supportive Documents: Community Advisory Board Memo, Seattle City Council Letter to the Mayor, Community Based Organizations’ Letter to the Mayor, Letter sent to all Health and Human Services contractors

May 13, 2019 - $24 million in revenue predicted from Seattle's sweetened beverage tax

March 25, 2019 - Physician groups call for taxes and regulations on kids' access to sugary drinks

October 31, 2018 - Letter from Seattle Healthy Kids Coalition to Seattle City Council regarding City Budget – 2019 – Sugary Beverage Tax Revenue

January 4, 2018 - Healthy Living: Most of us are consuming way too much sugar

Local News! Video featuring Dr. Mary Ann Bauman speaks on behalf of the American Heart Association

October 15, 2017 - How to Win Against Big Soda

June 6, 2017 – Seattle City Council approves tax on soda, sugary drinks

May 18, 2017 - Sweetened Beverage Tax Webinar

Featuring Seattle City Council Member Tim Burgess and Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition Executive Director Vic Colman

May 17, 2017 - Editorial: The Sugar Industry Is No Friend to the Poor

May 3, 2017 - Council members want changes in Seattle soda tax

May 3, 2017 - Seattle residents weigh in on proposed soda tax

May 3, 2017 - Q13 Live News

April 4, 2017 - Press Release

Seattle Healthy Kids Coalition Announces Co-Chairs For Diverse Effort to Increase Funding for Education and Public Health Programs

Dr. Ben Danielson of Odessa Brown and Estela Ortega of El Centro de la Raza to serve as co-chairs